Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The First Debate

Well, I don't know about you...but I was expecting the verbal equivalent to the rumble in the jungle. But it appear to me that O is getting exasperated with all of McCains stall tactics and subterfuge. Its beginning to wear on a brother, if Os response are slow and deliberate and well thought out, he said to be uncertain, and inexperience. If he attacks...McCain, which he should do more aggressively, he is said to elitist and uppity, brother can win for lose. What the white folks are really saying is the nerve of this nigger to think as a first generation immigrant son of a damn African can aspire to the top office, over the third generation white son of naval officers. Yet, I digress, in all honest I had my concerns about the debate and skip out to go the movies...hey, I figured CNN would be televising it all nite anyway.
So I went to see my brother Spike Less new joint Miracle at St Anna, and I must say, Spike is getting better. Although I had my issues with the film. Long at two hours and forty minutes, With the exception of In sideman Spikes film can be disjointed, he tries to tell to many stories in one frame of thought. I understand why he does it...our stories have been so neglected and there are so many to tell, he tries to put as much as possible in one film, because he knows that he may not be given the chance to make three films.
Miracle at St Annas is three films, the untold story of Buffalo soldier's in world war II, the seize of a Italian village and related war crimes by Nazi's, and conflict between Franco Fascist and Partisans nationalist. However, I felt Spike did justice to McBride's novel. And finally, he got those damn endings right...if not that its to melancholy. After moments of tears being brought to eyes...the evening was a complete wash. So after arriving home at 1:20am to catch the debate, I can say at least Spike made the evening worth while.

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