Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Plot to assassinate OBAMA!

This is the reason I disagree with my brotha the Field Negro on the gun control issue, its not the ignorant negro on the street trying to rob me or break into my home, I'm not worrying about them! Because I got something for those dumb asses!

In Bells, TN two young White Supremacist charged with plotting to behead blacks across the country and assassinate Barack Obama while wearing white top hats and tuxes were trying to carry out a assassination plot, but authorities believe there plan was riddled with blunders. Its these crazy paramilitary neo-nazis, Klan types, anti government militia bozos like Timothy McVeigh, that read the Turner Dairies, Clive Clusser, and Cormac McCarty talks about in The Road, that I'm concern about! These are the fools that have a shed in the back of there house with weapons, stockpiling for the Race War they believe is right around the corner!

Alright, these two youngest had a ill conceive half thought out plot anyway, but I want to know is how Daniel Cowart 20, and Paul Schlesselman 18, got those weapons at 18 and 20, when I atempt to make a legitimate purchase I gotta wait fucking five day period to purchase!

According to Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, who studies the white supremacy movement, "Certainly these men have some frightening weapons and some very frightening plans." But it gets a bit hard to take them seriously, I think Potok is missing the point, its not that I'm concern about Obama, they wouldn't be able to get within a thousand yards of him. Its the innocent Black Children they were threatening!
We need to take these threats seriously, its there sympathizers that are working below the radar, we got to watch as well! After this kind of episode, Black schools should be on lock down until the next election!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Blackman did it or better yet Blame the Blackman!

A GOP campaign volunteer who told police she was assaulted by a black man who carved a letter "B" on her cheek admitted she made up the story, police in Pittsburgh said Friday. The woman, Ashley Todd, initially told investigators she suspected the man became enraged after noticing a John McCain bumper sticker on her car.

Friday, October 17, 2008

If Obama's daughter was caught doing this, the election would be over!!

If the trailer park trash antics of the Palins couldnt get any worse, Do we really want Jerry Springer Show goes to the White House!

Who is Joe the Plumber?

Who is Joe the Plumber? WHO IS JOE THE PLUMBER? Samuel Wurzelbacher another disenchanted white male, that believes in entitlement and privilege is threaten by Obamas Presidency. Let s explain Mr.Wurzelbacher No Drivers License, No Plumber license, amongst several liens, no home ownership or probably any tangible assets that would allow him to purchase the plumbing business that he works at, and claims Obama wants to tax...

I think Joe is confusing revenue, profit and taxable income. Joe or should I say Samuel's projected revenue is 278K-- which is not his profit. He has salaries, benefits, costs for running business (including paying loans) to deduct.

Even at a net of 250K+ he will only pay marginally more taxes on the amount above 2K (and less on the below). On every net 10K above 250K (after all those deductions) he will pay $300. The rest is taxed the same as before.

This is NOT the working capital of his business. It is his profit taking after whatever he invests in his business.

The 300 dollars will be part of what Joe''s customer''s get and can use to hire him, but most of their extra spending dollars will come from the CEO''s of Big Oil. They have a much higher net income than Joe will ever have.

Joe's business (and Samuel) will fare better under Obama''s proposed tax system than they do now as the people who have a net income of over 250K a year will pay a little bit more on what is above 250K and a bit less on the amount below. For many it will be a "wash", but when your net income is in the millions, you will have to share with Joe the Plumber.

I think Joe is mislead and misinformed, and the lack of critical journalism makes things worse, because he should have been call out!

Wurzelbacher appeared on the Neil Cavuto's program "Your World" on Fox News. Neil asked if Joe was persuaded by Obama's plan. Joe said that he was not and that he was more frightened upon hearing it. Joe suggested that Obama's plan was socialist in nature. Neil encouraged him by suggesting that he was impressive for stepping up to Obama and pressing his concerns without becoming 'star struck'. Neil also said, "You're my kind of plumber." Neil did not play the entire clip of their exchange, nor did he engage in a serious discussion of Obama's tax plan.
He also appeared on the Good Morning America program the day following the debate on Oct.16, 2008, Diane Sawyer asked Joe if he had been contacted by the McCain Campaign before his encounter with Obama. Joe said "I have been contacted by them and asked to show up at a rally" Asked if he was taking home $250,000 now, Joe said with a laugh "No, not even close." Sounds like another Republican plant!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tyler Perry Opens Studio in Atlanta


Sidney Poitier, Cicely Tyson, Rudy Dee and Oprah Winfrey were among the thousands of Guests at the grand Opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, according to Entertainment Tonite.
Cicely Tyson said, that she would not bleive or witness in her lifetime, the achievement of Perrys establishing a major Film and Television studio owned by African American Producer. The complex, which sits on 30 acres in southwest Atlanta a predominately African American enclave, contains 200,000 square feet of studio and office space and includes five sound stages, including the Ossie Davis and Rudy Davis Stage, the Cicely Tyson and Sidney Poiter stage, Another is name for Quincy Jones and the fift is yet to be dedicated However the party didnt go off without a hitch, though. Outside, a small contigent of protesters wearing Writers Guild of America T-Shirts chanted, and demanded more Union Representation.

The Protest has bloggers complaining about TP, so in his defense I had to respond to all the haters of the 500 million dollar man, Tyler Perry purveory of the chitlin circuit black gospel theme, cross dressing madame Madea, is the buzz of many blogs. Tyler Perry is a modern equivalent of Oscar Micheaux, and doing what Eddie Murphy and many others before him fail to and what Spike Lee is unable to do!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

October Surprise...Sunraiders Spoiler!

Blackman masqeradering as a Whiteman stands to be this elections spoiler...Libertarian candidate!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Judging Sarah

Ruminations on last nites debate, those Republicans have mastered the art of subterfuge, second to there master Satan the Devil! They prep their gurl well, she fumble and bumble…but managed to maintain her own against Biden. Sure Pain-lin demonstrated her lack of foreign policy and domestic agenda, but managed to do what her Republican handlers coach her to do, appear to the equivalent of the bubba vote, ignorant working class Wal-Mart shopping, Taco Bell eating, gun toting, working class white folks like her. Take the White Folks that live next door to my parents, that rent the home that Middle Class aspirations cant afford to purchase, yet proudly stage their home with Halloween regalia, and post there McCain/Palin yard sign on the grassy knoll they don’t even own. These are the new Nascar Dads and typical American Hockey Mom typeslike her, clueless!

I try to sit through her mindless ramblings, anesthetize by scotch and smoke almonds, waiting for this broad to just answer the damn questions, but that she didn’t instead appearing to her constituents’, talking about the greatness of nothing, and yeah, I’m dumb and not so sophisticated like my condescending opponent over here Joe Biden, who like Barrack Obama is elitist doesn’t care about the average American like you. But, like John…I’m a maverick for true change!

She stuck to her talking points on matters that matter most her, and her irk. Pain-lin is going to managed, and manipulated by the same fools that propped up the current jester, that has been running the place for the last four years. All I can say is thank you Gwen Ifill for not being intimidated by the Rethuglican preemptive strike and sticking to your guns, and posing the questions to the beauty queen.