Friday, October 3, 2008

Judging Sarah

Ruminations on last nites debate, those Republicans have mastered the art of subterfuge, second to there master Satan the Devil! They prep their gurl well, she fumble and bumble…but managed to maintain her own against Biden. Sure Pain-lin demonstrated her lack of foreign policy and domestic agenda, but managed to do what her Republican handlers coach her to do, appear to the equivalent of the bubba vote, ignorant working class Wal-Mart shopping, Taco Bell eating, gun toting, working class white folks like her. Take the White Folks that live next door to my parents, that rent the home that Middle Class aspirations cant afford to purchase, yet proudly stage their home with Halloween regalia, and post there McCain/Palin yard sign on the grassy knoll they don’t even own. These are the new Nascar Dads and typical American Hockey Mom typeslike her, clueless!

I try to sit through her mindless ramblings, anesthetize by scotch and smoke almonds, waiting for this broad to just answer the damn questions, but that she didn’t instead appearing to her constituents’, talking about the greatness of nothing, and yeah, I’m dumb and not so sophisticated like my condescending opponent over here Joe Biden, who like Barrack Obama is elitist doesn’t care about the average American like you. But, like John…I’m a maverick for true change!

She stuck to her talking points on matters that matter most her, and her irk. Pain-lin is going to managed, and manipulated by the same fools that propped up the current jester, that has been running the place for the last four years. All I can say is thank you Gwen Ifill for not being intimidated by the Rethuglican preemptive strike and sticking to your guns, and posing the questions to the beauty queen.

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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Thanks for doing what you do!

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