Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Black Men Revealed, Oh gawd please!

There is one thing, I missed from my childhood visit to the neighborhood barbershop, is the discussion between old men, and the passing on of history and testaments. I used to be annoyed by the overweight negro that always had a a pocket full of change, that he swish around in his pocket while talking about how he was going to buy a Cadillac in his retirement. But, that doesn't compare to the nuisance of going to the barbershop these days, and having to endure the man boys playing XBOX and PlayStation, the Hawking of overprice designer jeans, and bootleg far remove from the previous legacy, of visiting this community hot spot.
So here I am Sunday evening, sitting here contemplating my work week. I tuned into TVONE conversations with brothers, and this show gives me the typical barbershop experience with these two idiots and sports enthusiast as they attempt to discuss everything from women, world events to politics. What I get is the barbershop babble with no real intrinsic or intellectual value whatsoever. Then there is the class colour dynamics that are painfully obvious when the light skinned visiting participant commentaries always seem to have a seemingly intelligent counterpoint.

What do I expect from Cathy Hughes, Cathy get off the air with your old wrinkled yellow ass, and get one of those yellow girls BET manages to recycle over and over again!

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