Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cockroaches and Sharpsticks

Warren G was right that at the time of the will come down to standing face to face with OMAR, and sharpsticks, cockroaches during the apocalypse! its amazing how the white man writes books, stories about his pending doom, and he is always the survivor, with the exception of Will Smith and Duane Jones. Most of us colours won't be around, to scrounge for resource's of the apocalyptic wasteland, oh I forgot Tina did run barter town.
All of this is just to say, that White Folks rather their continue spiral down into misery, to maintain White Supremacy under race identity politics, than to make some sought of progressive change. The Republinazis with continue their march to the Apocalypse with their ill advise policies on Global Warming, Fiscal Responsibility and continued Moral collapse and decrepitude.
But, for some strange reasons they believe that they will survive it all, so get your tape and plastic for your windows, and don't forget the gas mask.

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