Monday, September 1, 2008

Dont Believe The Hype!

The words of the ubiquitous reality clown, minstrel of the moment Flavor Flav don't believe the Hype! Yeah, that was a slick move pulled by ROBOTO aka Grandpa! appoint the soccer oh, Hockey mom to the vp ticket, and Biden wont be able to attack her in the debates, without coming off as being antagostic meanie!

Stupid Americans will vote with her out of white empathy, here is the true test... Will White Folks vote for change and improvement in there lives, or will they continue on the downward spiral into misery, for the sake of White Pride and false privilege.

And will the Republinazi controlled Faux News network, and DIABOLIC/DIEBOLD corporation seal the election.


kid said...

There's so much about Gov.Palin that if I was McPain I'll just congradulate Sen.Obama right now.She was a former Rat Buchanan suporter, the only guy that hates Jews more than Ahmadinjad.Someone once said that a refrigerator could beat the republiklans,leet's hope it the black model.BTW, I know who Lincoln Perry is but why do you use that handle? Just curious.

lincolnperry said...

Because KID, because in all his antics, most people thought he was a fool, but Lincoln was smarter than they knew!