Sunday, March 1, 2009

The New House Negroes of the GOP

The GOP is attempting to attract new adherents and galvanised the masses with its newest recruits, and old main stay...More recently, Mr. Limbaugh galvanized Republican opposition to Democratic plans for an economic stimulus; saying he hopes that President Obama will fail, he derided the stimulus package as "porkulus."

Mr. Limbaugh, who is 57, sees himself as an entertainer and businessman first, not as a conservative polemicist. But his barbed advocacy of right-wing causes has distinguished him since he first emerged as a talk-radio sensation in the mid-1980’s. His idols are William F. Buckley Jr., who became a mentor, and Ronald Reagan.

Adward Bobby Jindal the beige hope is the new whipping boy for the GOP. Talking typical Immigrant Horatio Alger nonsense. Why is Michael Steele apologizing to Rush Limbaugh ass!

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Kim said...

More like the 3 Stooges.