Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Black Womans Lotto!

What is happening to Allonzo Trier is the equivalent to child exploitation, this no different from Child Labour in third world countries, Trier's youth should be spend in his development as adolescent, and not in becoming a star athlete.

The problem I have is when Trier spends 4-5 hours on developing his basketball skills, but no equivalent time on developing his social, and academic skills, and is allow to get away with a statement like "It’s hard for me because I'm not the smartest kid".

It appears that Marcie Trier is being swayed by the lure of the Black Women’s Lotto, the notion of her child becoming an NBA Multimillionaire, and providing her a life of ease. Instead of marrying a baller, steer your child into becoming the man-child baller that you were not able to capture in your youth. Allonzo Trier experience reminds me of a manager that I had, who had flown her budding child athlete all over the country to track meets and tournaments, with the hopes of him making the Olympics and carer in the NFL, providing her the life of luxury she desired.


Anonymous said...

i have a question. what if he isn't very bright why is it not okay for him to succeed in athletics? i'm looking at it in the way of an artistic student who isn't very interested in math and all that other stuff.
( i guess succeeding as an athlete is more based on chance than succeeding as an artist)
just asking.

but yea i agree he is 13 i mean i'm down for helping a child fine tune their skills but not for letting them neglect everything else and not having fun.

lincolnperry said...

Absoultely I dont have a problem with him succeeding in athletics, its when it appears to be the only alternative to educational development.

And many of the adults around him dont have the childs best interest at stake.

Anonymous said...

I love the quote that says all that is known about his father is that he is a 6'3" Black Man!

lincolnperry said...

They are hoping based on that mans genetics that tto a least that the boy will grow to that height!

lawegohard said...

What about "White Girl's future Husband!" That has an equally demeaning catchy ring to it.

lincolnperry said...

The percentage of black athletes marrying white girls is lower than you would imagine!