Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We clearly are on the path to the Apocalypse!!

Call me hater, but damn...got alot to gripe about these days, in these end of days it seems. That hi-tech table dancer at the Atlanta Journal and Constitution masquerading as a journalist, bitchin about Robert Mugabe, always got somethin negative to say about a negra. Frustrated cause she got to lick the mans balls. They ain't a lot a decent brothers out here table dancer cause they are the army of the three Ds wandering the urban landscape as if they were extras in some bad sci-fi flick. The disillusion, and the dispossess, a disenchant lot. Black males systemically removed from society. Hopelessness setting in ...cause they have been removed from the life. Taken out of this life. Homelessness, mental illness, drug addicted, alcoholism, felony convictions and did I say bad credit.

Bitch on table dancer, you and the rest of those hi-tech Mammies masquerading as administrator's on the mans new plantation. Corporate America!

No room for real brothers there unless you dl or a punk! Now I'm not hating on the success of many of the sistas, but its at a cost! So here is my rant for today to get some s**t off my chest...damn
JJ Abrams for miscasting that skinny ass doe eyed Zoe Saldana as Leuitant Uhura. That frontin ass Sanaa Hamri making a romantic comedy about a black woman passing over accomplished black male professional to date a white landscaper...pleeeease! That dumb wench I saw on the train today with Chanel logo tattooed on her arm. Is Coco sending you a CHEQUE!

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