Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sex in the City Atlanta Style!

The Revolutionary consciousness of a people reside in its women!

Just took a stroll through Castleberry Hill Art district during Art stroll, it was like a scene from Sex in the City, fabulously overdress sistas and white chicks in cocktail dresses and espadrilles, gay boy toys in toll, flaunting up and down Peters and Walker Street, pretending to appreciate marginal artwork hanging in the remaining galleries.

Is this what it has come down to... Fag hags on parade! Absent, was any hint of straight black men, unless you count THUG LIFE, hanging out in the front of pseudo-chic fashion boutiques, likely laundering parlors for the molls who keep these buffoons company. Posing with the requisite pit bull terrier, tothese brothas a say...grown black men over 17, and especially over 35. Please take off the jerseys and throwbacks if you aren't playin for a sports franchise.

So if this is what we have come to expect of Black Women, and Blackmen mimicking some of the worst traits of white folks, then the revolution is over, never televised just ended in development hell on some bargainers desk!

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