Sunday, June 22, 2008

Walking dead, Dawn of Dead 3 in Blackface!

To expound on my earlier post from last weekend, while walking around downtown Atlanta, I experience a phenomenon that prevalent in most urban cities, observing the army of the three Ds, the disillusion, defeated and disfranchised. Hundreds of black males of varying ages, and social handicaps from mental illness to homelessness wandering the streets like urban scavengers. In defense in some of these brothas...

Many of them have legitimate gripes and grievances, one reason is the information age has effectively removed these individuals. Technology has enable multiple databases to connect and share information, whether accurate or not. Private companies can share health, criminal and credit records.

So if a brother has potential health issues, he can be denied insurance coverage, add a felony conviction, cant get certain employment, and if he has credit issues, can be denied other employment and housing. So with these obstacles how do they get back on track? And in many cases if you don't have a inside track, it becomes even more difficult.

I remember about ten years ago while attending a job fair for my company several brothas approached me with resumes for information technology jobs, unfortunately I didn't have these opportunities to offer or share. We were actually recruiting for customer service representatives which most applicants were black females. This was during a time when our VP Al Gore was saying that we need a WPA for the Information Age, and here was a opportunity to hire and retrain these brothas for the new age. But critics laughed the VP off, so now we issue 4H visas to Indian programmers and engineers. Because we allegedly don't have the talent.

So back to the brothas, I'm waiting in a entrance way waiting for the rain to stop and this brotha comes up to me to cop some dope, and he claims to have a municipal job with the county. (1) FOOL I'm carrying dry cleaning, so why do you think I got dope! (2) Why f**k are you buying street medication anyway, there goes my argument in the defense of niggas, why would this fool jeopardize a good government job, I couldn't be a undercover cop!

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