Monday, November 23, 2009

Cathy Hughes Please Sit Down!

With all the talented young black women graduating with degrees in journalism or mass communications, why must we endure a senior citizen trying to reclaim her youthful ambitions as a faux Oprah, sit your old ass down, just because you think you got legs like the young Tina Turner, doesn't mean you still got it!

The same goes for Dorothy Height, turned the leadership over to a younger progressive woman, you are damn near 100 years old!


Citizen Ojo said...

Cathy Hughes gives the worst interviews ever. It comes across like she has a crush on every person she interviews. Lately she has been on a mission to take out every black politician that wants black musicians to get paid by radio stations. Her commercials (although fun to listen to) against them are the equivalent to someone slowly sticking a knife into their victim. I can only imagine what she is like to work for.

lincolnperry said...

@Citizen Ojo
You are right, Cathy and Bob Johnson are of the same irk. You talk black impowerment...hire some black journalist to perform professional interviews.