Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek Reboot!

Saw the latest incarnation in the Star Trek franchise, this latest film is not your fathers Star Trek, and die hard purist, Trekkers and Trekkie's alike will probably not be pleased. **Spoilers Beware* *If you want to tamper with canonical use time travel as a plot point in your prose, this appears to be a favorite vehicle of choice for Abrams to tie up loose ends.

The 2009 “Star Trek” film goes back eagerly to where “Star Trek” began, using time travel to explain a cast of mostly the same characters, only at a younger point in their lives, sailing the Starship Enterprise. As a story idea, this is sort of brilliant and saves on invention, because young Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Scotty and the rest channel their later selves. The child is father to the man, or the Vulcan, and all that.

Even with this criticism the new "Star Trek" is pure movie making excitement, "Star Trek" is the best kind of summer movie: smart, sleek, spectacular excitement. Fast pace from beginning to end!


Anonymous said...

Why didn't Nero use the black hole to go back and warn the romulans about there pending doom!

Anonymous said...

anon-lol if you ask questions you won't like it.

i think it was fast paced and good for the summer. better than hancock. i'm not a star trek or sci-fi fan. plus it did seem a bit complicated but it worked.

lincolnperry said...

Its actually a reboot version to draw non Star Trek fans like gave homage to the original cast. I still felt Zoe S was miscast as Uhuru!

lincolnperry said...

You are probably a Trekker or Trekkie, and I know what your issues were!!!

I would have warned my younger self of the destruction of my world, and then got my revenge!

Citizen Ojo said...

I'm curious on why you think that Zoe is a miscast. Is it the acting or how she looked. If you looked at the original character there is a big difference.

lincolnperry said...

Citizen Ojo
She doesn't have body of Nichelle Nichols, or her phys presence...her acting is ok, I rather would Gabrielle Union been cast, but she is too old for the role!

White Boys like Zoe, because she looks like a tan white girl!