Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jazz in the Diamond District

When Jasmine "Jazz" Morgan (Monique Cameron) loses her mother to lung cancer, she can only focus on one thing—pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. Ignoring the wishes of her father (Clifton Powell), a strict doctor who prefers that she return to college, Jazz spends the summer entrenched in the hyper-sexualized, drug-influenced Washington, D.C. music scene, dragging along her naïve younger sister (Erica Chamblee). One night after an impromptu audition, Jazz is invited to join a local Go-go band (music by Likeblood, Uncalled 4 Experience) that is managed by a laid-back barber (Wood Harris) and supported with drug money provided by the lead MC (Andre' Strong). With ease, she falls in line with the band and in love with the stage and together they reach new heights of popularity. But just as quickly as her success builds so does the pressure and Jazz recklessly tries to maintain control. Directed and co-written by Lindsey Christian.


Anonymous said...

This film was a disapointment, a glofied student film masquarading as a feature film!

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