Thursday, April 9, 2009

US standoff against the Somali Pirates!

The pirates boarded and seized the Maersk Alabama on Wednesday, taking 20 American sailors hostage. Although the crew managed to retake the ship within hours, the pirates were still holding the ship’s captain as they fled the ship in an empowered lifeboat.The Wingnut in me, request immediate intervention, with all the technology available to the US Military, the WTF are they waiting for…I guess I’m waiting for Dennis Haysbet and unit to drop in with frog suits and seize the vessel. Last year a high jacking
occurred involving a French leisure vessel Le Ponant flying French flag, and with Francophone citizens that was taken off the Somalia coast by a band a raggedy, hopped-up Somali pirates last spring, in the Gulf of Aden, it looked as if the bandits had bitten off more than they could chew. But after a week-long standoff, they got what they had come for—a $2.15 million ransom. Unlike the French I don’t expect the Americans to be taken as easily.

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