Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thinking Green...A Better Place!

Israeli-American Shai Agassi has come up with a innovated solution to oil dependency, with his better place concept of bp style recharging stations that solve the electric car distance or range anxiety, the problem with most all electric vehicles is insufficient power to make it to your destination outside of mileage range.
Motorist are able to pull into these into a Better Place Station, and have batteries quickly replenished or replaced by robotics.

Better Place does not make cars. The company will partner with leading automakers to continue offering consumers the wide range of make and model choices they have come to expect. The Renault-Nissan Alliance is the first automaker to join in this effort.

These electric cars, sport utility vehicles and other models from leading manufacturers will look and perform much like what we drive today. They will be subject to the same safety standards, but will not have tailpipes or generate harmful emissions. They are quieter, more efficient, and more reliable than gas-powered cars. But will be designed with swappable batteries based on the same technology used for to hold 500 pound bombs in place on bombers. Designed to release bombs within millisecond precision, the technology is suited to keeping batteries safely inside the cars, yet allowing them to be easily extracted in seconds.
A Better Place robot is designed to reach under the chassis of a electric vehicle and extract the battery and swap it with a new battery, same way you would replace batteries in your remote or child's toy. The consumer will have the option of choosing batteries with ranges of 1000-3000 miles. It appears that the Israelis have figure out away to ween themselves off oil dependency.


Kim said...

Cool.. I don't know about a total electric car.. I would be scared. I rented a hybrid over the weekend and was nervous as heck driving it but that is a cool idea.

Off Topic comment:
Are you going to keep those scantily clad women on your site.. It just to match the whole vibe..

lincolnperry said...

I'm celebrating the sensuality of attractive black woman! I going back and forth with Denmark Vesey on the dark skin light skin sista issue!

It depends on the type of Hybrid you drive, The Prius does well in the city, but is a little shaky on the highway especially if its windy.
But the Lexus SUV, does have this problem.