Friday, January 23, 2009

LOST does it again!

The other night my girlfriend, surprises me by watching the season premiere and recap of NBCs LOST, her point of contention has always been the obvious plot holes and removal of black characters.Her obvious problems with the story line were the polar bears in tropic conditions, never explained. Which causes me to beg to differ...I see a underlying conspiracy. The removal of Black Characters, the smoke monster killing ECKO Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and what happen to Michael, and Walt!

It makes me wonder out loud, what the fuck is going with the elimination of brothers on TV, thank goodness for the OBAMA Presidency, cause 24 killed off Dennis Haysbert, and the skinny white girl Kathryn Hegel got Isiah Washington off Greys Anatomy!


Villager said...

Your girlfriend has a point. 24 this year has some Black folks in the mix ... mostly as the African terrorists. The Unit did kill off a Blackman last year ... probably one too many Black men in the ensemble cast.

One LOST ... Michael died in the boat explosion. However, Walt (living with his grandmother) now knows that Michael died as a hero.

peace, Villager

lincolnperry said...

You are right Villager, as much as a like 24, there is a racist and rightwing under current!

Hmm, Heroes does a better job at balancing its multicultural cast!

Anonymous said...

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