Saturday, July 26, 2008

Black Women Stop Marrying G MEN!

I'm little late on this one, but I find it hard to believe that these sistas dont know that they are married to faggots. Terry McMillian, Star Jones, Nicole Murphy, stop fronting you know that those niggas are GAY!

Okay AL explain yourself... The man formerly married to ex-TV personality Star Jones is speaking up – and clearing up a few misconceptions while at it."I am not a homosexual," Al Scale Reynolds declared on his recently released YouTube channel, which stormed the Internet. Obviously, the media savvy former banker is well aware that some bloggers loosely refer to him as "Big Gay Al." And, according to him, it has maligned his professional reputation."It's really weird to me and it's really kind of upsetting to me that that's where people would go as it related to my sexuality," he explained. "This has affected my professional life. This has affected my personal life. And if anyone knew the damage that it has caused me, they would understand I am very aggressive about this."The 30-something-year-old Virginia native said he wanted "people to know that I'm more than Star Jones' ex-husband - I'm Al Reynolds" in clip appropriately titled, "The Al Reynolds you don't know." "I'm about service. I'm about educating. I'm about motivating. I'm about helping. I'm about inspiring. That's what I feel the next chapter for Al Reynolds is going to be about."Speaking of chapters, he's putting the finishing touches on a financial literacy tome geared at the middle-to-low class -- tentatively titled 'Bank On It.' "I'm not a fade-away type of guy," he proclaimed. "I'm a guy who progresses and moves forward. I was successful before I ! met Star , and I plan to be successful after Star. I'm in the public eye now. That's the truth. It comes with responsibilities. I'm using it as an opportunity to educate and motivate people."About his former wife, he did say he still loved her."I still very much love her," he told the 'Associated Press' in an interview. "I do. I can't lie to you."And though approached by many media outlets for opportunities to trash her, he decided to honor their relationship by taking the high road. "I wasn't interested in participating in the sensationalism," he said.The couple wed at Saint Bartholomew's Church in New York City on Nov. 13, 2004. The lavish wedding -- which reportedly had 500 camera-ready guests, three matrons of honor, 12 bridesmaids and four flower girls -- came under scrutiny when Jones discussed its sponsors at length on her ABC show. She filed divorce papers in late March of this year."The fantasy was for every 40-year-old Black woman who was overweight and wanted to get married. That was my fantasy, but the marriage is not," Jones said in an interview with 'Jet' magazine last summer. "It belongs to us ... We're not a Hollywood couple. We may be a couple that people write about, but there is nothing celebrity about us."

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