Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Darroll Lawson is My HERO of the Day!

He might be happily married, but Darroll Lawson was inspired to create his infamous viral video by what he considers to be single black women's relationship issues.
When a married father of three put together an animated video as a satirical take on what black women want out of a relationship, his modest hope was that it would bring a little traffic to his online radio show. He didn't anticipate that the three-minute YouTube clip, called "Black Marriage Negotiations," would garner nearly 500,000 views, spawn a number of copycats and turn into a flash point over the intensely sensitive topic of black marriage and relationships. Darroll Lawson, 40, an information-technology consultant living in Atlanta, created the video to drive traffic to his website, PhilosoG, where he and his friend Billy Briggs talk about "empowering men to empower families."


Kim said...

why is an seemingly happilyy married black man worried about the relationship ills of black women? I wonder.. I thought the video was funny and i don't see myself, but now every stereotype has some truth so I wonder how funny it would have been if the video was made based on stereotypes of black men ? ***crickets**

Anonymous said...

The question is are you in a healthy relationship with a blackman?

lincolnperry said...

Dont be doin no hit and run snippits, ya been getting flack in latest commericials from State Farms, and PEPSI!