Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rise in Violent Racist Attacks

Sometimes I get the impression that we are experiencing a bad rendition of a Sci Fi B movie like They Live, when I hear Attorney and civil rights leader Morris Dees who co-founded the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama speak to the National Press Club. As featured speaker, he talked about his group’s legal efforts to hold certain groups accountable for violent acts committed by their members. Dees mentioned how often FOX channel is allowed to openly encourage these groups to commit acts of insurrection against the state. Why is it a surprise that White Supremacy and Militia groups would not make a comeback during the presidency of first elected Blackman, and economic downturn.

What I don’t understand, and Dees fail to discuss is why wont the FCC pull FOX channels license, especially when they incite assassinations plots against the president, the government could easily invoke the patriot act to shut these groups down, which of course would lend to these groups arguing that these are acts of a fascist state, as indicating in there racist tomes such as the turner diaries. Yet Dees went on to compare the Nation of Islam to these groups, I disagreed with Morris Dees about the NOI, the Islam of Islam’s criticism in the form of verbal attacks against the Jewish community, were based on exploitative relationship and egregious acts committed by the Jews against black folks.


kid said...

Hey Linc:

I need to visit here more.

That's one question I keep asking myself ,what should we do to stop them? There has to be some sort of FCC laws or something.I'm going to contact Morris Dees and see about this.

About the NOI Dees is Jewish after all , also if Minister Farrakhan wasn't leading them I dsdon't know what they would be like. Remember how they were in 75'? They were pretty leaderless. They were going to merge with Warith D. Muhammad. Whites should be glad that Minister Farrakhan took the reins.Imagine if Khalid Abdul Muhammad was in charge.

lincolnperry said...

Shhhhit, If Khalid was in charge white folks would really need to worry, but thats just it...Farrakhan never advocate killing white folks, but our friends at FOX get away with sedition everyday!